Auction Mobility Blog

The New

For the past three decades the Harritt Group has conducted thousands of auctions, sold countless lots and made many lasting relationships with buyers and sellers alike. Throughout this journey our goal has been the same since day one: provide the best possible service to our clients. It’s truly that simple.

We try our very best to work hard and to respond to what the market wants. Right now the world moves incredibly fast and it’s only getting faster. You can order anything you want with the click of button, download apps with your thumbprint and video chat with someone on the other side of the globe.

With all of this in mind – we have found ourselves at a bit of a crossroads. We love the excitement of a live auction. It’s hard to replicate the feeling of large captivated audience right in the front yard. Yet there is a large segment of the bidding population that would rather not come to the sale. They want to bid at home on their computer, or on the go with their mobile device. How do we continue to conduct top notch auctions while finding a better way to cater to this ever growing online marketplace?

We are pleased to announce our new bidding platform through Auction Mobility. This new partnership will feature a completely rebuilt website optimised for desktop and mobile browsing, online bidding straight from our site and a mobile app where you can do it all. This incredible new service is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and web! Bidders can browse catalogs, watch their favorite lots, and place bids all with the touch of a finger. The Harritt Group has always sold at the ‘Speed of Sound” and now we have a website and app that can keep up with us and the ever changing marketplace.

Thank you all very much for being dedicated supporters of the Harritt Group. Without your patronage we would never have been able to explore this incredible opportunity.