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Hutt / McDonough Firearm Live Auction


November 19  2022

Onsite Bidding

1 PM

Live Bidding

4101 Patricia Drive
Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Buyer's Premium

10% Buyer’s Premium added to the hammer bid price to determine the final purchase price.

Firearm Transfer Fee

Indiana Residents: $30.00 FFL Transfer fee will be required on all firearms to Triple G. Gun Gallery Inc., 9351 Hwy. 150, Greenville, Indiana 47124. No Exceptions! All firearm transfer will be in strict accordance with all Federal, State and Local laws. Be sure to check your county, state and local laws before bidding. If you are unable to receive, purchase or own a firearm according to your residency laws, do not bid on these items. If you bid and find out later you cannot legally own/accept delivery, a bid is still a valid contract and the buyer is still responsible for payment.

Out of State Residents: Firearms purchased by out of state residents must arrange for a Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer in their home state to take shipment of firearms on their behalf and purchaser must provide a copy of the dealer’s FFL with original signature for transfer. A $70 FFL Transfer fee per gun will be charged to all out of state buyers for shipping and handling with insurance value up to $100.

Triple G. will be available for gun pickup after auction till 6PM on Saturday, November 19 for pickup. Regular business hours Wednesday – Saturday.

Personal Property Terms

Payment by Cash, Check or Credit Card in USD *

  • Credit card accepted with 3% convenience fee.
  • Payment by check may be subject to a 10-day bank clearance for out of state and buyers unknown to the auction company.


Michael W. Hutt & Gerry L. McDonough

Selling live on site the firearm collection of Michael W. Hutt & Gerry L. McDonough. Includes handguns, long guns, 2 fireproof safes, pocket knives, ammunition, and accessories.


1: Replica of 1847 Colt Model U.S.M.R. Dragoon Revolver
Replica Arms, Inc., Made In Italy, Serial #1852, Includes Presentation Case and Accessories

2: Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum Model 27-2 Revolver
Nickel Long Barrel, Serial # N361737 – 92768, Made in USA, Includes Presentation Case and Accessories

3: Smith & Wesson 38 Special Revolver
Blued Long Barrel, Serial # 93X63 G10, Made in USA

4: Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum 19-3 Revolver
Blued Short Barrel, Serial # 7K24349 – 792X2 – T, Made in USA

5: Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum Revolver
Blued Long Barrel, Serial # NA, Made in USA

6: Colt Police Positive 38 Special Revolver
Last Patent Date 1926, Serial # 445137, Made in USA, Hartford, CT.

7: Browning Arms Co 22 Caliber Pistol
Serial # 132334U9, Made in Belgium, Includes Magazine

8: Spesco 38 Special Revolver
Serial # 665529, Made in Brazil, Includes Original Box with Extra Grip

9: J.P. Sauer & Sohn 38 Special Revolver
Serial # VR N00382, Made in West Germany

10: Smith & Wesson Model 59 9mm Pistol
Serial # ​​A338172, Made in USA, Springfield Mass, Includes Magazine.

11: H & R Model 732 Revolver
32 Caliber, Serial # NA, Made in USA, Worc.,Mass.

12: Ithaca Gun Co. M-1911 A1 US Army Pistol
Serial # 1423659, Made in USA, Ithaca, NY, Includes Magazine

13: H & R Model 922 Revolver
.22 Caliber, Serial # V21723, Made in USA

14: Rohm Gmbh Sontheim/Brz Model 34T Revolver
.22 Caliber, Serial # EB304465, Made in Germany


15: Browning Arms Over/Under 12 GA Shotgun
Serial # 06387 pR 153, Made in Japan

16: Stevens Savage Arms 311A Double Barrel !^ GA Shotgun
Serial N/A, Made in USA

17: Early Browning Arms Twenty Shotgun
Special Steel – 20 GA, Serial # 7Z19185, Made in Belgium

18: Browning Arms “Sweet 16” Shotgun (I)
Special Steel – 16 GA, Serial # S79412, Made in Belgium

19: Browning Arms“Sweet 16” Shotgun (II)
Special Steel – 16 GA, Serial # 6S59196, Made in Belgium

20: Browning Arms “Sweet 16” Shotgun (III)
Special Steel – 16 GA, Serial # X97815, Made in Belgium

21: Ames Barcelona Double Barrel Shotgun
Serial # NA, Made in Spain

22: Browning Arms “Sweet 16” Shotgun
Invector Special Steel – 16 GA, Serial #X89089, Made in Japan

23: Remington Wingmaster Model 870 Shotgun
12 GA – Pump Action, Serial # S925096V, Made in USA, Ilion, N.Y.

24: Remington Wingmaster Model 870 TC Shotgun
12 GA – Pump Action, Serial #S371815V, Made in USA, Ilion, N.Y.

25: Stevens Savage Arms Model 311A Double Barrel Shotgun
12 GA, Serial # NA, Made in USA, Westfield Mass.

26: Winchester Model 12-12 Pump Shotgun
12 GA, Serial #1218895, Made in USA, New Haven, Conn.

27: Ithaca 51-Featherlight Shotgun
12 GA, Serial #510031254, Made in USA, Ithaca, N.Y.

28: Smith & Wesson 1000 Shotgun
12 GA, Serial #FS17592, Made in Japan

29: Winchester Model 1400 MKII Shotgun
12 GA, Serial # N593001, Made in USA, New Haven, Conn.

30: O.F. Mossberg & Sons Model 385 KB Shotgun
20 GA – Bolt Action, Serial # 809529, Includes Magazine, Made in USA, North Haven, Conn.

31: Revelation 350A Shotgun
16 GA, Serial # NA

32: Remington Wingmaster Model 870 Shotgun
Pump Action – 16 GA, Serial #836672W, Made in USA, Illion, N.Y.

33: O.F. Mossberg Model 185K Shotgun
20GA – Bolt Action, Serial # NA, No Magazine, Made in USA, New Haven, Conn.

34: Stevens Arm Co. Model 620-A Shotgun
Pump Action – 12 GA, Serial # NA, Made in USA, Chicopee Falls, Mass.

35: JC Higgins Model 583 17A Shotgun
12 GA – Bolt Action, Serial # NA, Sears, Roebuck & Co.

36: Ithaca XL 900 Shotgun
20 GA, Serial #S2905000, Made in Japan

37: Winchester Model 21 Double Barrel Shotgun
12 GA, Serial # 20641, Disassembled. Leather Carrying Case, Made in USA, New Haven, Conn.

38: Wards Western Field Model 30-SB562A Shotgun
16GA – Pump Action, Serial #73747

39: JC Higgins Model 20 Shotgun
12 GA – Pump Action, Serial # NA, Sears Roebuck & Co.

40: Ranger 5000 Double Barrel Shotgun
12 GA, Serial # NA

41: Gardone VT Companion Shotgun
12 GA, Serial # 6225G, Eagle Arms, NY, New York, Made in Italy

42: Montgomery Ward Hercules 1929 Model Shotgun
12 GA – Single Barrel, Serial # NA

43: Eastern Arms 1929 Model Shotgun
16 GA – Single Barrel, Serial # 45379


44: US Carbine .30 M! Rifle
Bolt Action, No Magazine, Serial # 3863283

45: Carl Gustafs Stads Gevarsfaktori 1908 Military Rifle
Bolt Action, Serial #22447

46: US Springfield Armory Model 1896 Rifle
Bolt Action, Serial #106121

47: Winchester Model 1892 Rifle
32 Caliber – Lever Action – Hexagon Barrel, Patent 1884, Serial #185222, Made In USA, New Haven, Conn.

48: Marlin Firearms Model 39A Rifle
Lever Action – 22 Caliber, Made in USA, New Haven, Conn.

49: US Remington Model 03-43 Rifle
Bolt Action, Serial # 4048532, Includes Weaver Scope

50: Diana 48-52 Rifle
45 – 177 Caliber, Serial # 2023500, Made in Germany

51: Savage Over and Under Model 24S-E Rifle/Shotgun
410 GA – 22 Caliber, Serial# P017087, Made in USA, Westfield, Mass.

52: Browning Arms Rifle
22 Caliber, Serial #NA, Includes Weaver Scope, Made in Belgium

53: Ranger Bolt Action Rifle
22 Caliber, Serial # NA

54: J Stevens Arms Springfield Model 16 Rifle
22 Caliber, Serial # NA, Made in USA, Chicopee, Mass.

55: Asian Military Rifle
Serial # 803926, Maker Unknown

56: Remington Nylon 66 Rifle
22 Caliber, Serial # 438557

57: Early Remington Hex Barrel Rifle
Serial # 174098, Made in USA, Illion, NY

58: Early Hex Barrel As-Is Rifle
Maker Unknown, Serial # NA

59: Jukar Black Powder Long Gun
Serial # 80548, Made in Spain


Two (2) Magnum 42-gun fireproof safes, Bear Glass Powered Grizzly bow & arrow, Browning Arms 12GA, 16GA & 20GA barrels, Ithaka Model 15 featherlight 12GA barrel, collection of ammunition, hard & soft shell gun cases and holsters.


Collection of pocket knives including Case XX, Barlow, Buck, Western, Parker-Imai, Old Hickory and more.


I-65 to Veterans Parkway Exit. East 1.8 miles on Veterans Parkway. Continue straight through the traffic light onto Charlestown Pike for 1 mile. Turn left onto Patricia Drive into the Jackson Heights neighborhood. Home on the left.

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