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Biechner Advertisement & Collectible Online Auction


1:00 PM
Tuesday, October 24  2023


1:00 PM *
Tuesday, October 31  2023

* Staggered End & Extended Bidding

3696 Wooded View Drive
Georgetown, IN  47122

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7% Indiana Sales Tax added to the final purchase price.

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  • Credit card accepted with 3% convenience fee.
  • Payment by check may be subject to a 10-day bank clearance for out of state and buyers unknown to the auction company.
  • Shipping available at buyer’s expense.


Contact Us for a Private Showing

Condition report not provided. Please view detailed photos closely as they are part of the description.

Pick Up

  • Wednesday, November 1, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Thursday, November 2, 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Schedule pick-up by appointment only. Buyers are responsible for packing, loading, and moving all items purchased without assistance from the Harritt Group. Bring your own help and equipment to load your items.


Don & Cathy Biechner

Selling online the outstanding private collection of Don & Cathy Biechner including quality signs, vintage advertisement, sports memorabilia, tobacco & petroliana collections, Star Wars & Coca-Cola memorabilia, stoneware, toys & displays, showcases and more.


Porcelain No Smoking Sign, Porcelain Danger High Voltage Keep Off Sign, Porcelain Danger Hazardous Area Keep Out Sign, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Cardboard Advertisement Sign, The Cream Rock Band Store Display Poster, Snap-On Tools Button Thermometer, 1979 Tecumseh Engines Flange Advertisement Sign, Spuds Mackenzie Bud Light Advertisement Sign, Murray Authorized Lawn Mower Service Center Advertisement Sign, Lone Star Beer Advertisement Sign, Fischer’s Pure Lard – Louisville, KY Metal Can, Shedd’s Peanut Butter 5 LB. Metal Can, Big Chief Peanut Butter 3 LB. Glass Jar, Lay’s Potato Chips, Sunshine Krispy Crackers & Cocomalt Metal Cans, Planters and A&P Peanuts Metal Cans, 1964 Peace Corps Advertisement Cardboard Poster, Purdue University Symphonic Band Advertisement Cardboard Poster, Miller Lite Time Beer Super Bowl XXXII Sign, Do The Dew NCAA Final Four Folding Display Sign, Enjoy Grapette Soda Bottle Cap Modern Reproduction Advertisement Sign, The Green Machine Advertisement Sign, RedMax Sales & Service Dealer Sign, Shindaiwa Trimmer Advertisement Sign, Jacobsen Authorized Dealer Two-Sided Advertisement Sign, Firestone Steel Radial 500 Ashtray, Galt House Blend Coffee Framed Paper Label – Louisville, KY., Interstate Batteries NFL Sign, Framed AC/DC “Highway to Hell” Silk Screen Poster, Metallica “Master of Puppets” Framed Cloth Poster, Miller Genuine Draft Metal Sign, Briggs & Stratton Authorized Service Center Metal Sign, Aretha Franklin Atlantic Records Store Display Poster, The Super Hits Volume 4 Atlantic Records Store Display Poster, Toys R Us “Movies R Us” 3-Piece Store Display Sign, Toys R Us Store Display Poster Signs, Nintendo 64 Super Mario Roll Out Store Display Poster, X-Men The Movie Posters & Cut Outs, Pepsi Cola Wood Crate & 75th Anniversary Can, Pepsi Cola Toy Drink Dispenser, Briggs & Stratton Authorized Service Parts Metal Sign, Bluegrass Hardware Framed Cloth Advertisement – Louisville, KY, 1963 Robert Wathen Belle of Louisville Tray, World’s KIng Size Candy Cigarettes Store Display with Candy, Raleigh & Philip Morris Cardboard Cigarette Boxes, Royal Crown Cola Framed Poster, No Hunting & No Trespassing Embossed Metal Signs, P.J. Honaker Port Royal, KY Advertisement, Wenning’s Pure Kettle Lard Metal Can & Yardsticks, Admiration, Maxwell House, Del-Monte, Kellogs Coffee Tins, Thornton’s Coffee – Louisville, KY Advertisement Tin, Coffee Advertisement Tins, Tea Advertisement Tins, Calumet & Clabber Girl Baking Powder Advertisement Tins, Marhoefer Muncie, IN Lard Can, Dolly Madison Cakes Advertisement Sign, Hinged Budweiser American Ale Sign, Coca-Cola, Phillips 66 & Pepsi-Cola Reproduction Advertisement Signs, 1984 Budweiser Lighted Advertisement Clock, Coulee Country Trails Advertisement Sign, Lighted Rolling Rock Beer Advertisement Sign, Lighted Budweiser Light Bar Display, Lighted Wifi Sign, Good Year Advertisement Sign, Fisher Price Posters, Playstation & Pepsi Cardboard Advertisement.


1977 Star Trek Trash Can, Star Wars Collector Series Han Solo & Tauntaun Action Figure Set in Original Box, Sealed Star Wars Episode 1 Jar Jar Binks 3D Adventure Game, Sealed Star Wars Trivia Pursuit Game, Star Wars Death Star Assault Game, Star Wars Episode I Costume Masks, Star Wars Trilogy, Droids & The Phantom Menace VHS Tapes, Mountain Dew Star Wars Jar Jar Binks Store Display, Pepsi Star Wars Queen Padme Amidala Store Displays, Mountain Dew Star Wars Darth Maul Store Display, Star Wars Episode I & II Store Displays, 2005 Star Wars Episode III Kellogs Standee Store Display, Two Star Wars Episode I Double Sided Roll Out Store Display Hanging Posters, Two Star Wars Episode II Roll Out Store Display Hanging Posters, Star Wars Droids Comic Books and Star Wars Comic Books.


1948 Coca-Cola Cardboard Advertising Sign, 1950’s Coca-Cola Drink Cooler – Louisville, KY, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Yellow Bottle Crate – Tell City, Ind., Coca-Cola Vendo 10-Cent Cooler, Enjoy Coca-Cola Plastic Thermometer, Christmas 1923 Golden Coca-Cola Bottle Thermometer, Button Drink Coca-Cola In Bottles Thermometer, Drink Coca-Cola Please Pay Cashier Lighted Store Counter Clock, Coca-Cola Aluminum Six-Pack Caddy, Coca-Cola Bottling Company – Louisville, KY Framed Bag, Framed Ice Cold Coca-Cola Fishtail Advertisement Sign, Drink Coca-Cola Lighted Plastic Clock, Coca-Cola Cardboard Six-Pack Caddy, Drink Coca-Cola Advertisement Yellow Wooden Bottle Crates, Drink Coca-Cola Framed Cardboard Advertisement, 5′ Tall Coca-Cola Bottle Store Display Cooler, Framed Drink Coca-Cola Advertisement Sign, 1952/1953 Reversible Calendar Coca-Cola Advertisement with Santa Claus, Coca-Cola Bottle Openers & Ice Pick, Coca-Cola Starr X & Brass Wall Bottle Openers & Ice Pick, “Have a Coke ” Advertisement Tray, “Drink Coca Cola ” Advertisement Tray, 1936 Drink Coca-Cola Advertisement Tray, “Be Really Refreshed!” Coca Cola Advertisement Tray, Drink Coca-Cola Advertisement Tray, Commemorative Touring Cars Coca-Cola Advertisement Folding Trays, Coca-Cola One-Gallon Glass Jug, Coca-Cola Collectors Club Philadelphia Patriotic Liberty Bell & Bottle, Seven Vintage Coca Cola Glasses, Coca-Cola Bottles and Cans, 1996 Blockbuster Video Coca-Cola Advertisement Signs, Coca-Cola Toy Drink Dispenser, Four Coca-Cola Guide Books, Coca-Cola Employee Shirts & Hat, Six Coca-Cola William John Heaslip Aircraft Prints, National Geographic Coca-Cola Advertisements, Early Coca-Cola Die-Cut Advertisement & Coca-Cola Cardboard 6-Pack., Coca-Cola Final Four Banner, Live The Madness Rug, Blow Up Basketball & Football, 1999 Coca-Cola Fishtail Flange Advertisement Sign, Buddy L Coca-Cola Toy Delivery Truck, Coca-Cola Glasses, Coasters, Kentucky Derby Advertisement, Stain Glass Lamp & Glasses, Coca-Cola Reproduction Thermometer & Advertisement Signs, Two Coca-Cola Reproduction Advertisement Signs, Coca-Cola Reproduction Advertisement Signs, NASCAR 2001 Coca-Cola Racing Family Replica Wall Hanging Car Hood, Coca-Cola Diner Memorabilia, Coca-Cola Polar Bears, Bottle Crates & Mantle Clock.


A.P. Donaghho, Parkersburg, W.Va. Decorated Stoneware Jar, Stoneware Ink Bottles, Salt Glazed Brown Stoneware Whiskey Jug, Dark Brown Stoneware Whiskey Jug, Two Brown & White Stoneware Whiskey Jugs, Crown 5-Gallon Stoneware Jug, Cherokee Pottery 5-Gallon Stoneware Jug, 3-Gallon Stoneware Jug, 8-Gallon Stoneware Pickle Crock, Antique Salt Glazed Stoneware Jug, Western Stoneware 3-Gallon Crock, Antique Hand Thrown 2-Gallon Stoneware Jar, Antique Stoneware Jar & Crock, Blue Stoneware Pitchers, Bowl & Crock, Stoneware Bail Handle Crock and Miniature Jug, Red Wing 2-Gallon Stoneware Crock, Brown Stoneware Crocks & Bean Pot.


Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco Thermometer, Kentucky King, Philip Morris & Hit Parade Cigarettes Packs, Haynie’s New York Quality Cigars Metal Can, Postmaster Smokers Cigars Metal Can, Country Doctor Pipe Tobacco Mixture Metal Cans, Barking Dog Smoking Tobacco Mixture Metal Can “Never Bites”, Field & Stream Tobacco Metal Cans, Philip Morris Commander & Marlboro Cigarettes Thermometer, Salem Cigarettes Triangle Thermometer, Call For Philip Morris Advertisement Sign with Little Johny Image, Marlboro – Parliament – Philip Morris Advertisement Sign, Marlboro & Philip Morris Cigarettes Clock, Marlboro Country Lighted Advertisement Clock, Call For Philip Morris Cigarette Advertisement Sign with Little Johny Image, Prince Albert Tobacco Sold Here Advertisement Sign, Get Lots More L&M Cigarette Advertisement Sign, Chesterfield Best For You Cigarette Advertisement Sign, Philip Morris Tobacco Metal Cans, Union Leader Cut Plug Tobacco Metal Can, Sir Walter Raleigh Smoking Tobacco – Louisville KY Metal Cans, Patterson’s Tuxedo Tobacco Metal Can, Zippo Marlboro Bucking Bronco Brass Lighter, Marlboro Man Embossed Advertisement Sign, Marlboro Wild Mustang 1984 Advertisement Sign, Marlboro Man and Horses Advertisement Sign, Marlboro Man Silhouette Advertisement Sign, Spanish Kent Cigarettes Sign, Philip Morris Cigarettes Little Johnny Framed Christmas Poster, Buckingham Cigarettes Tins, Velvet & Bond Street Tobacco Tins, Revelation Smoking Mixture Tobacco Tins, Prince Albert Tobacco Tins, Lucky Strike & Half and Half Tobacco Tins, Philip Morris English Ovals Cigarette Tins, Marlboro, Chesterfield, Camel & Old Gold Cigarettes Tins, Prince Albert Tobacco Advertising Cans, Revelation, Flying Dutchman and M&L White Burley Tobacco Tins, Tobacco Advertisement Tins, Bond Street Pipe Tobacco Advertisement Cans, Marlboro Cigarette Tobacco Advertisement Can – Unopened, Marlboro Filter Cigarettes Advertisement Can, Three Philip Morris Lighters, Wooden Cigar Box, Pipe Tobacco & Cigarette Packs, Cigar Boxes and Tobacco Collectibles, Marlboro, Parliament & Philip Morris Cigarette Advertisement Sign, Philip Morris Sign & Wood Crate, Chesterfield Cigarettes & Instant Liquid Radiator Cement Framed Ads, Marlboro Memorabilia, Six Vintage Cigarette Lighters and More.


Fram Filter Service Thermometer, Monroe Shock Absorbers Thermometer, 1940’s Kendall Chassis Lube 1 LB. Metal Can, Kendall Kenlube Grease 1 LB.Metal Can, Standard Oil Universal-Wheel Grease 1 LB.Metal Can, Standard Oil Motor Cup Grease 1 LB. Metal Can (1), Standard Oil Motor Cup Grease 1 LB. Metal Can (2), Unity Motor Oil 2-Gallon Metal Can, Sunoco Mercury Motor Oil 2-Gallon Metal Can, Permatex Knee Action Jack Shock Absorber Oil 1-Gallon Metal Can, Standard Oil Company ( Kentucky) 5-Gallon Metal Can, 1940’s Kendall Special Purpose Grease Metal Can – Water Pump, Mobil Lube, Hydraulic Brake Fluid & Handy Oil Metal Cans, Mobil Grease Five Pound Metal Cans, Wagner Brake Products Lighted Advertisement Clock, Sinclair Plastic Thermometer, Gulf Oil – New Albany, Ind. Plastic Thermometer, Gulf Oil – Hammond, Ind. Thermometer, Standard Oil Plastic Thermometer, Phillips 66 Gasoline Plastic Thermometer, Mobil Plastic Thermometer, Conoco Plastic Thermometer, Five Vintage Oil Quart Metal Cans, Genuine Delco Hydraulic Shock Absorber Fluid Metal Can, Chevron Grease Tubes & Standard Wall Rack, Chevron, Cities Service & Sta-Power Metal Cans, The Master Mfg. Co. Glass Oil Bottle with Spout, Shaler Rislone, Marvel Mystery Oil & Sunoco Brake Fluid Metal Cans, Rare Shell Gasoline Name Tags & Bullet Pencil, D-X Gasoline License Plate Topper, Sunoco Gasoline License Plate Topper, American Brakeblok Advertisement Sign, Three Porcelain Gas Station Signs, Dupont, Permatex & Conoco Cone Top Cans, Plastic Texaco Advertisement Thermometer, Reproduction Standard, Gulf and Pennzoil Desktop Signs, DX Products 5-Gallon Oil Can, Atlas Start-A-Car Metal Case, Eleven Plastic Advertisement Ice Scrapers, Gas Station Road Maps, Champion Spark Plugs Thermometer, Tire & Battery Embossed 5′ Service Sign, Chevron Grease Tubes, Pump Oil Cans, Texaco Fire-Chief Gasoline Reproduction Porcelain Advertisement Sign, Monroe Shocks & Struts Advertisement Thermometer.


G.I. Joe Parachute Store Display, 2001 G.I. Joe Advertisement Plastic Signs, Vintage Toys-R-Us Ultimate Soldier 21st Century P-38 Lightning Interceptor Plane Display, Vintage Toys-R-Us Ultimate Soldier 21st Century P-38 Lightning Interceptor Plane Display in Original Box, Vintage Toys-R-Us Ultimate Soldier 21st Century Little Bird Helicopter Display in Original Box, Atari 1978 Video Computer System, Vintage Atari Games, Headliners XL Vince Carter Figurines, Olympic Skater Barbie & Ken Dolls, Olympic Star Skater Michelle Kwan Barbie Doll, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Barbie Dolls, Dancing Princess & Belle Beauty and the Beast Barbie Dolls, Coca-Cola Barbie Doll, Vintage Board Games, Five Marvel Spider-Man Comic Books, The Lethal Foes of Spider-Man Marvel Comic Books, Two Copies of Superman – The Death of Superman Comic Books, Seven DC Superman Comic Books, Seven Marvel X-Men Comic Books, Collection of Marvel Comic Books, AMT & SMP Model Car Kits and Revell Boeing B-29 Box, Kelly Club Figure Skater, Fashion Corner All-Around Sport & Katia Dolls, 1950’s Vintage DieCast Cars with Original Boxes, Hot Wheels Poster & Diecast Cars, Vintage Dolls & Toys, Children’s Meal Toys and More.


1988 Larry Bird Converse “Living Legend” Framed NBA Poster, Larry Bird Autographed Framed Keepsake Ornament & Basketball Card, Muhammad Ali Autographed Framed 1997 Ali Cup Poster & Ticket, 1988 Converse Cleats Don Mattingly Yankees Framed Poster, Don Mattingly Autographed Framed Donruss MVP Baseball Card & Poster, Joe Montana Autographed Framed Photo, Brett Favre Autographed Framed Football Card & 300th Touchdown Photo, Framed Peyton Manning Autographed Card, Marvin Harrison Card, 2005 Rams @ Colts Program & Ticket, 1998 Peyton Manning Starting Lineup Action Figure, Peyton Manning Colts Jersey – Size 52/XL, Edgerrin James Autographed Colts Cap & 2000 Starting Lineup Action figure, Lenny Moore & Tom Matte Autographed Colts Cap, Charles Barkley Autographed Phoenix Suns Cap, Vintage Blue & Gold Morehead State University MacGregor Football Helmet, Vintage Chicago Bears Rawlings Football Helmet, Vintage Red APO BK Football Helmet, Vintage Colgate Little League Baseball Shirt & Caps, Gold & Black #87 Football Jersey, Apex NFL Football Cleats – Size 13, Kevin Johnson Autographed Phoenix Suns Cap, 1983 Baltimore Orioles A.L. Eastern Division Champs Pennant, 1987 St. Louis Cardinals National League Champions & Scott Rolen Pennants, 1949 Manual vs Male High School Football Game Program, 1971 Kentucky vs Indiana Basketball Program, 1959 Baltimore Colts vs Chicago Cardinals Football & 1970 Sweet 16′ Kentucky State High School Basketball Tournament Programs, Bill Walton Autographed Framed Basketball Card, 1993 Orlando Magic & LSU Shaquille O’Neal Action Figures, 1994 & 1995 Ken Griffey Jr. Starting Lineup Action Figures, Starting Lineup & M.V.P. Action Figures and Cards, Karl Malone & David Robinson Starting Lineup Basketball Action Figures, Headliners Dennis Rodman & Starting Lineup Patrick Ewing and Jason Kidd Action Figures, Starting Lineup Football Action Figures, 1948 Joe Louis vs Jersey Joe Walcott Program & Boxing Newspaper Ads – Incorrect Fight Date, Hillerich & Bradsby Co. Louisville Slugger Pete Rose Wooden Baseball Bat, Winner No. 90 Regulation Wooden Baseball Bat, Revelation Little League Frank Robinson Wooden Baseball Bat, University of Kentucky SEC Football WHAS Radio Poster, Laser Cut University of Kentucky Wildcat Plaque, Don Mclean, Tom Gugliotta & Brent Price Autographed Washington Bullets (WB) Cap, Jeff Hornacek Autographed Philadelphia Sixers Cap, San Francisco 49ers Kevan Barlow Authenticated Autographed Jersey, NBA Utah Jazz Game Worn Warm Ups, Louisville KY & Cincinnati Reds Baseball Programs and Tom Browning Autograph, Indiana, Kentucky & Notre Dame Programs, Headliners Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa Commemorative Figures, Two Sets of Headliners XL Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa Commemorative Figures, Ken Griffey Jr. & Mark McGwire Baseball Collectibles, Michael Jordan Matchbox Collectibles Cars, Jeff Gordon, Bonnie Blair, Eric Lindros & Troy Aikman Sports Action Figures in Unopened Packaging, Vintage Sports Programs, University of Louisville Memorabilia and Autographs, 1979 & 1980 World Series Programs, Wilson NFL Full Grain Leather Football, Barry Bonds Baseball Memorabilia, Autographed Ron Mercer & Wayne Turner Kentucky Basketball Framed Photos, Michael Jordan NBA Wizards Framed Photo, USA Basketball Dream Team Decorative plates., Hank Aaron & Derek Jeter Framed Baseball Photos, Barry Sanders & John Elway Framed Football Photos, NASCAR Framed Photos and Autographs, 2002 Pittsburgh Steelers Towel, Media Guide & Autographed Cap, Kentucky Wildcats 1978 NCAA Champs T-Shirt, Chicago Bulls BJ Armstrong & Johnny Red Kerr Autographed Wood Floor Planks & Bob Cousy Boston Celtics B&W Photo, Golf Clubs & Powerbilt Covers, Autographed Penny Hardaway Wilson Basketball, Jackie Smith, Dave Williams and Charlie Johnson NFL Football Photo Autographs, Autographed Louisville Cardinals Football & Rawlings Basketball, Autographed Mark Martin NASCAR Valvoline Advertisement Poster, The Chicago Bears “The Super Bowl Shuffle” Cassette, Colts Memorabilia, 1971 The Game Vol. 2 Collectors Item – Western Kentucky University vs. University of Kentucky & Bobby Nichols 2000 PGA Valhalla Autographed Hat.


Retro Green Bar Stools, Twisted Iron Soda Fountain Bar Stool, Antique Sewing Rocker, 6′ Oak Floor Showcase & Black Rolling Office Chair.


The Beatles “Introducing the Beatles” LP Vinyl Record, Reproduction The Beatles “Abbey Road” & “Let It Be” LP Vinyl Records and Old Beatles Memorabilia, Pink Floyd “A Nice Pair” LP Vinyl Record, The Who “Live at Leeds” LP Vinyl Record, Elton John “Honky Chateau” LP Vinyl Record, Elton John “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” LP Vinyl Record, Elton John “Captain Fantastic” LP Vinyl Record, Elvis LP Vinyl Records.


1930’s Coleman 243 Gasoline Lantern, Chicago Northwestern System Railroad Iowa Division Wind Chill Thermometer, Producers Marketing Association Thermometer”Quality Feeder Pigs”, Early Jacobi Sales Inc. – Palmyra, Ind. Thermometer, Hilmar Ehrmann & Co. Distillery Bardstown KY Corkscrew, New Albany Lumber Co. Thermometer, Mulzer Crushed Stone Company – Tell City, Indiana Thermometer, Hart Industrial Products Branham-Mingis Thermometer, 1938-1955 Indiana License Plates, Parks Chevrolet – Corydon, Ind. Car Emblem, Early Pin Up Girl Metal Match Safe, Seeburg Stereo Consolette, Bee Brand Insect Sprayer, Kitchen Food Choppers & Ice Block Tongs, Kiss “Hotter Than Hell” Framed Studio Poster, Playbills and Country Western Programs, Radio City Music Hall & State Fair Auditorium Programs, Billy Rose’s Diamond Horseshoe Program, Lou Walters Latin Quarter Nightclub Program, Six Glass Milk Bottles & Metal Caddy, Dietz Brass Tubular Barn Lantern, Gray Graniteware Coffee Pots, Shaker Style Round Wood Pantry Box, Soda Glass Bottles, Wall Mount Reflector Oil Lamps, New Albany License Plate Topper, Studebaker Schenectady New York License Plate Topper, Kentucky National Auto Association License Plate Topper, Zippo Bucks Lighter, Falls City Brewing Co. Ice Pick – Louisville, KY, 1910 “Old I.W. Harper” Whiskey Corkscrew, 1948 -1964 Indiana Embossed License Plates, Schwinn Continental Men’s 10-Speed Bike, Galvanized Wash Tubs and Stand, Galvanized Sprinkling Can & Granite Kettle, Galvanized Wash Tubs, Buckets & Gas Can, Erie No. 22 Cast Iron Corn Stick Pan, Cast Iron Sad Irons, Western World Champion Ammunition Box, The Union Metallic Cartridge Co. Ammunition Box, American Family 25 LB. Yellow Kitchen Scale, American Family 25 LB. White Kitchen Scale, Purity Maid Ice Cream Menu – New Albany, IN, Sealtest Milk Box, Cashbox and Ruler, 1958 Clark County Democrat Candidate Political Framed Advertisement, Berger 3-Unit Metal Locker, Ford & GMC Hubcaps, Chevrolet Chrome Hubcaps, Chevrolet Corvette Hubcap & Trim Ring, 1920’s Chevrolet Hubcap, Louisville Slugger Miniature Baseball Bats, Slide Top Wood Hardware Box, Search Light The Diamond Match Co Wood Shipping Box, Framed German Kitzingen Street Map, Richards-Wilcox Pedal Power Grinding Wheel, The Wizard of Oz, Rudolph Shines Again & Alice in Wonderland Children’s Books, Birdcage, The Deming Co. Cast Iron Pitcher Pump, Blue Ball Mason Jars & Glass Bottles, E.T. Slider Letter Opener, Reliable Pharmacy New Albany Ash Tray and Bob’s Big Boy Ashtray, African Mask & Drum, Crosley Model 66TA Bakelite Radio, Zenith Automatic Frequency Control Radio, American Linen Supply Co. Medicine Cabinet, In Honor of St. Anthony Brass Church Plaque, Scenic South Magazines, M&M Collectibles, Black and White Photograph of the US Navy Shore Patrol School, Reproduction Gumball Machine, US Capitol 3D Puzzle by Milton Bradley Display, Disney Kids VHS Tapes,, Large Collection of VHS Tapes, Cream City Copper Water Boiler, Large Collection of Books, ADT Fire Department Will Respond Porcelain Sign, Coffee Grinder, Dietz Kmart Barn Lantern, Glass Display Showcase, Framed 1800’s B&W TinType Photographs, Framed 1800’s B&W Sawmill Photographs, Framed 1800’s B&W Family Portraits & Logging Tintypes & Photographs, Collection of 1800’s B&W CVD Photographs and Tintypes, Singer Tradition 2250 Sewing Machine, Buttons and Pins, Advertisement & Collectibles, Razor Strop & Sharpening Wet Stones, Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore Angel Figurines, Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle, The Night Before Christmas, Santa’s Musical Toy Chest & Holiday Skaters Christmas Decorations, Lexington Racehorse Winner Framed Lithograph, DJ Promotional 45 RPM Records & Elvis Presley Jukebox Song Sheets, 45 RPM Records & Wire Record Stands, Welcome To Our Porch Wood Sign, Antique & Collectible Reference Books, Shadow Box Frame, Folding Hat Rack, Cutlery Tray & El Producto Cigar Box, United States Stove Kerosene Oil Heater, Shoe Last, Wrench, Gulfax, Galvanized Coal Bucket, Blue Porcelain Bucket, Infant of Prague Young Jesus Statue, Advertisement Yard Sticks, 1800’s B&W Military & Family Photographs, Oil Bracket Lamp, Prestone Antifreeze Can, Soda Fountain Straw Dispenser, Bicycle Light Radio, Pocket Radio, Ladies Hats, Dolls Clothes and Cross Stitch Linens, Flat Top Showcases, Framed Preamble to the United States Constitution, Framed Bill of Rights, Vintage Angel Figurines and More.


Wood Mallet & Cobbler’s Hammer, Woodworking Planes, Braces, Wrenches, Hand Drills & Folding Ruler, Long Flathead Screwdriver, Draw Knife, Ball Peen & Tack Hammers, Pipe Wrenches and More.


I-64 to Georgetown Exit #118 to West on IN-64 towards Georgetown. West 2.6 miles to right on Henriott Road. Continue 2 miles to right on Wooded View Drive. Auction on right.


We know that the end of an online auction can be a hectic place. Here are some tips & things you should know to help make it a little easier…


Lots will end 30 seconds apart.


To prevent bid sniping, last-minute bids will extend individual lots using our ‘soft-close’ functionality.

  • If a bid is placed in the last 10 minutes, the lot will remain open for an additional 10 minutes.
  • If any further bidding occurs, the extension timer will reset to 10 minutes.
  • If no further bidding occurs, the lot closes when the timer runs out.

Place your max bid and let the system bid for you. In the event two bidders have placed identical max bids, the first bid received will be the successful bid.


You can “watch” lots for an easier way to keep track of items you’re interested in.

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